Day 4: Messin’ With Chester…A Fine Mess For Me

Most folks think mice are only active at night. Not me. In a way, I am a lot like Chester. Cats lack a defined circadian rhythm. That is what allows them to sleep whenever they please, for however long they please. The difference between Chester and I is that I am an industrious little being. I scurry from point A to point B with a purpose in mind. He, on the other hand, ‘browses’ along his path…stopping here and there to sniff something, stopping to clean his behind, or whatever. He is like a shopper who needs to kill some time, with no pressing need to be at any certain place for any certain reason. I believe he’d be more like me if he had to live like I do, if no one was putting food out for him to rely upon for survival.

So I can be up at all different hours of the day and night. And this morning, I am out in search of items for supper, for Cousin Sid and myself to enjoy as he comes to visit today.

I make my way to the kitchen up at the front of the house, near the business offices. Along the way, I pass the main parlor where predictably Chester is curled up on the hearth rug, deeply involved in a dream. Although I know its risky, I take a detour just to mess with him. I see his tail and paws doing that twitchy thing cats do when they sleep.  I tweak on a whisker, an evil green eye opens! I quickly duck behind his backside when his head lifts briefly. I do it again after his head resumes its place on his paw. Now two green eyes open and he’s up and on his feet! Haha Furball! The chase begins. If it weren’t for me, his lazy butt would be bigger. I dart quickly into a hole in the bricking below the fireplace. Just then, as Chester is frantically poking his paw around after me, Mr. Becker appears.

“CJ!” bellows Mr. B. In a minute CJ, who was apparently in the nearby casket room, appeared. “Yes, Mr. Becker, you called me?” “Didn’t I tell you to set out those traps to catch that mouse? You see Chester? He’s after the little beast! I want that mouse GONE, do you hear me?” “Yes, sir,” she replied in a low voice. “I’ll reset traps this evening, sir.”

 Uh oh. Now I am really going to get it! And now, I must stay put for the moment. How am I going to get the things I need for our supper? Oh my. I settle unhappily into a space and curl up for a rest until the coast is clear. And, come up with a plan.

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