D-DAY Remembrance


We interrupt the regularly featured blog to remember “D-Day, June 6th, 1944”


There may not be but a few bytes or a blip on any newscasts this evening…but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised to watch a snippet featuring one of the still-surviving heroes recount his part in the invasion of Normandy.

For all of those precious lives lost that day, I offer my gratitude and a prayer. I lost relatives on that beach, I am told. I never got to know those great-uncles or cousins; they were long dead before I came along.


That day was pivotal for the allies. If it weren’t for a major amount of manpower, intel – gathering, civilian teamwork, and the importance of understanding how to keep lips zipped, we might all be speaking German;  or worse, half of us might never have been born and raised to adulthood, especially if we came from Jewish ancestry or appeared not to fit the ideal Aryan mold Hitler was bent on promoting as the perfect human specimen.

The French people were liberated and if that perilous invasion had not occurred …how long might it have been to re-take their country? So many what if’s, but thankfully, we didn’t have to watch them play out.

We live in a world now where those dates in history are fading to give way for more recent events.  England, America, and Canada joined forces and sent 150,000 troops that day. Winston Churchill estimated that 20,000 would be lost. 10,000 were lost, and that is a very big number indeed. The “Greatest Generation” is fading faster. The WWII veterans who still live to tell about those great moments and horrific battles are dying at the average rate of 1000 per DAY in this country.

I hope you will take a moment to remember them today, or better yet, hug one.

Thank you.

Morguie and CJ


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