Friday Funny : A Special Treat That’s Short and Sweet

I found a very funny, if not utterly hilarious goodie to share with you today…it is actually a TRUE story…

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!    A Special ‘thank you’ to  liontamar    for letting me share it here.

Funny Story (but should I be laughing?)

Posted on June 28, 2013 by liontamar


I heard the most funny story that even now I’m still peeing my pants thinking about it.Every Friday I go to a coffee support group with other mum’s who have a child with a disability. Today as we were chatting, conversation  steered toward the topic of loved ones who have requested that their remains be scattered in the ocean.

During this interesting exchange, Marge (one of the mum’s) told us of a story that was told to her. She said that she had met a bloke who told her that when his mum passed away he did as she requested, through her body in the ocean. Marg was assuming like most people  that it was her ashes, however, he continued by saying;

After mum had passed away in the hospital I took her body, put her in a wheel chair and took her to my car. I then drove her to the harbour and asked someone who owns a boat if he would take me out to the ocean so that I could throw her body out to sea. When we were far enough out to sea I rolled her body over the side of the boat.Needless to say he got into trouble and couldn’t understand all of the who-ha!!!!!

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One Response to “Friday Funny : A Special Treat That’s Short and Sweet”

  1. Thank you so much for enjoying then sharing the joy 🙂


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