Special Feature: A Mortician’s Prayer




-Author Unknown-

Oh Lord, guide me to an understanding in your ways of

Sorrow, grief, and death;

To let me know that it is You, Father,

Who hears our final breath…


…And I will do my very best:

 To Prepare those souls who left to be with you;

To Comfort their friends, and Guide their

Families as they know not what to do.


Please remember my family for the times they are left alone…

…Lord, strengthen me for the shock of death

At the ringing of the phone.


Oh, Heavenly Father, my accomplishments I offer

To you, with Love—

For they do not come from me alone,

But are your blessings  from above.


3 Responses to “Special Feature: A Mortician’s Prayer”

  1. That is so lovely.


  2. In your experience, do morticians treat every ‘body’ with total respect? I know this sounds an odd question, but for the lay-person with no idea about your profession, I guess it’s always the worry – that your beloved is in the hands of someone unscrupulous or uncaring. You know how I like to catastrophise…X


    • No, no, it is not an ‘odd’ query. I am happy you brought that up, actually. It makes it easy for me to see what the next “Episode” should be about. People OUGHT to think about these matters…after all, when someone dies, their family “ENTRUSTS” the care and security of that loved one’s remains to what is hoped a professional, reputable, and safe establishment. BUT what I will be able to tell you is that I can ONLY speak for MYSELF when I answer your questions. Hang in there, I will work on it and post it hopefully no later than Saturday. OK? Thanks for asking and I promise to get that done at latest, by Sunday morning!So I lied! Aaaack! “Early Tuesday!”


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