I do solemnly swear

By that which I hold most sacred:

That I shall be loyal to the Funeral Service Profession

And just and generous to its members;

That I shall not let the constant relationship and familiarity

with death give me cause to yield to carelessness or to

violate my obligation to society or to the dignity of my profession;

That into whatsoever house I shall enter, it

shall be for the benefit and comfort of those bereaved;

That I shall abstain from every voluntary

act of misconduct or corruption;

That I shall obey the Civil Laws;

That I shall not divulge professional confidences;

And that I shall be faithful to those who

have placed their trust in me.

While I continue to keep this oath unviolated, may it be

granted to me to enjoy the honor, in my life and in my profession,

and may I be respected by people for all time.


7 Responses to “Special Feature: THE FUNERAL DIRECTOR’S OATH”

  1. yes indeed we are a choosen people design just for this profession so we must at all times holdfast the trade ,and gife that was granted to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.for this we are worthy of thanks.

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    • thanks for your sincere comment…sorry that it took so long to discover this comment, I have been recovering from surgery to right shoulder, my dominant hand for everything, including typing…do you happen to subscribe to or read the funeral trade publication, “Mortuary Management” magazine? Until my injury at beginning of the year I was a regularly featured columnist…I wrote in depth about the Funeral Director’s Oath…


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