Adopting Graves: A New Autumn Tradition (2013)…

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Inspired by the amazing Renae Rude – The Paranormalist, who is a fellow lover of all things autumn and spooky, I decided to begin a new autumn tradition of adopting one or two gravesites. 

In my mind, the idea is to choose an older grave, perhaps forgotten (of course how does one really know this?) that may also need to be tended to. The two local cemeteries that I chose happen to be fairly well cared for. I would think you’d want to choose a grave that really speaks to you, either metaphorically or literally. As someone who finds cemeteries fascinating and enjoys spending time and taking photos in them, I found it hard to not just gravitate toward the interesting and most beautiful graves. But at the same time, I didn’t want to ignore those feelings. Lastly, a requirement for me was to be able to identify a…

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5 Responses to “Adopting Graves: A New Autumn Tradition (2013)…”

  1. Thank you, CJ. I’m honored!


  2. I think adopting a grave is a wonderful idea. Weeding it, keeping it clean and perhaps chatting to the occupant. Would you be allowed to use a toothbrush or something to clear the moss from the wording or would that damage it?
    xxx Hugs xxx


    • A toothbrush is gentle enough.:) Just don’t use any solvent!!


    • I am one of those ‘oddballs’ that enjoys visiting cemeteries. I like it when I have some time to make a stop at an old graveyard and look at the old monuments and read stones. It is candy for my imagination. I think of the dates on the stones and consider what was happening at that time in the world. I wonder about what kind of person lies beneath the stone. I think it is a fabulous idea to ‘adopt’ a headstone or organize a clean-up for the old cemeteries which are in need of yard work, etc.


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