You Should Think About Dying

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This might sound suicidal, or morbid – or pathetic, lonely, sad, or confused. But it’s not. I’m not. I actually find it kind of comforting.

I’ve been thinking about death. A lot. I’m 26…and I know that’s not exactly normal.

But it’s good.

And when I say I’ve been thinking about death a lot; I mean I’ve been thinking about dying a lot. Like me…dying. Ben Liebing – dead. Deceased. Departed. Defunct. Liquidated. Check out. Pushing up daisies. Six feet under. Kicked the bucket. Inanimate. No more. Inert. Reposed. Resting in peace. Bit the dust. Immobilized. Shit-canned. Bereft of life.

Done. Finished.


I remember the first time I actually was impressed by death. Not impressed as in “whoa, that’s cool,” but impressed as in, the thought actually made a lasting stamp upon my psyche. It was when Dale Earnhardt died.

You know those snippets of memory – we each…

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