This is lovely…

Memory Bears by Bonnie


As I pass by,

I say a prayer

for all the mourners

standing there.


Some are family

others are friends.

all are grievers

as  another life ends.


Each of us, in passing by a cemetery, has witnessed a similar scene. We wonder or we may know who stands there saying goodbye. A moment of sadness…a thought for those that mourn, then the scene fades in the distance.

Reflection: appreciate our family and friends while we can.

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5 Responses to “Reflection”

  1. Hi CJ,
    I wanted to let you know that we nominated you for ‘The Liebster Award’ It’s for new and upcoming bloggers and I thought your blog was a wonderful candidate with your compassionate blogs and wonderful stories! You can read the details and what to do next on our blog here-

    Say Hi to Mourgie for us!


    • Thanks! However,, I have already received it! Check out the link for post call Liebster…but thanks so much anyway! MUAHHHH! Blowing you a kiss for being such a sweetheart!


      • Hi CJ, This is the first time we’ve been nominated since we started at the end of June. Aren’t you allowed to accept more than one? Kinda like winning multiple Oscars, Emmys or Grammies? I have no idea myself… too new here I guess. I still think you’ve got the greatest blog, no matter what the rules are 😉


        • Thanks so much for that. No, I think one is good. Did you see mine? On a different note, while I appreciate that you want to give me an award, I am afraid I don’t follow them (the directions) properly and I would prefer to defer. I am just happy enough that people like my blog for what it is. Congrats on your award, by the way…


          • No worries my dear 🙂 You just keep the great stories coming, that is the most important thing! And thank You for the congratulations! It was a surprise to say the least.


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