A Letter From Fred- B.Y.O.B. (bring your own box of tissue)



4 Responses to “A Letter From Fred- B.Y.O.B. (bring your own box of tissue)”

  1. I love how much he loves his wife… a true love story. You’ve done me in with this one CJ- excuse me while I go look for the kleenex.


    • OMG I know! Watched it 3 times, and still had wet cheeks. Such an awesome and devoted man. Which confirms my earlier suspicion: guys like him are an endangered species!


  2. Ohh man, don’t you hate when people chop onions next you?
    Really nice and sweet, I shed some tears but because of the elf chopping onions under my bed.


    • Right! I hear that…it’s them darned old Purple kind…I am going to get that purple-onion-eating elf and feed him to the big ol’ purple-people-eating onion-hater in my pantry!…
      However, I must admit thru two viewings of this video, I could not deny the heart aching loss in the poor man’s eyes, the catch in his voice as he spoke of the ‘dream’ it seemed he had been living with her…nearly 75 years together…do they still make people like these? 75 years of everything life could throw at them, happy, sad, good, bad, laughs, tears…really makes us newer folk look like quitters ( um, felines?) when we decide we have had enough of life with a spouse we no longer wish to keep…we are too quick to jump in and when we do, we hit the shallow end; I did it, myself—didn’t know what a psycho monster I married, but I jumped in, before I could learn more and what a mess…sheesh!Thanks for stopping in to catch it, Doggy my friend. I know you are a very busy person and it means a lot to see you come by! 🙂


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