C J here… I either bumped my head, or just plain lost control of this blog adventure…whatever the case may be…the furry rodent got the upper hand, umm, I mean, claw, or, paw…upper EXTREMITY,  today and a tug o’ war ensued…the funny part is: we hope the winner of the war is YOU!!! And even if our lousy photography skills really do it NO justice, we hope you’ll just take our word for it: the sandwich is T-A-S-T-Y!!!!

*PLEASE STOP HERE if you have a heart condition, high cholesterol issues, clogged arteries, strict dr.’s dietary orders/restrictions, hypertension, etc….PLEASE!*  THE PICTURE ALONE COULD CAUSE PALPITATIONS, ARRHYTHMIA, OBSESSIONS CONCERNING CHEESES, UNSIGHTLY STREAMS OF DROOL ISSUING FROM CORNERS OF THE MOUTH…

Here is OUR blog offering today…something UN-death related…WE HOPE!

Sloppy, Artery-Clogging, Mountain of Delicious-ness

Sloppy, Artery-Clogging, Mountain of Delicious-ness

C J invented her own version of something she tasted recently at the annual Fair. No, it isn’t deep-fried. Yes, it IS a HOT mess! It is her own version or ‘best guess-timate’ of a “grilled macaroni and cheese sandwich.”

*Please refer to warning above*

C J says: ” Well, I did ONLY have ONE bite of my man’s sandwich while we were at the Fair, so I could ONLY guess at what the ingredients might include. All I know is that ever since then, I have craved that sandwich, especially when I see a Stouffer’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese commercial…”

Morguie says: ” Those commercials come on A LOT whenever we happen to be watching the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), and now that Autumn is closing in quickly…I told C J it would be a perfect ‘comfort food.’ Paired with her tomato soup, it will be perfection!”



1 tbsp. butter or margarine, melted in pan PLUS 1 tbsp. butter AGAIN for final 2 slices

2 Thick slices of french bread, texas toast bread

2 slices of red onion, or preferred onion

2 slices of CHEESE, ANY TYPE

2 slices tomato

Stouffer’s Mac ‘n’ Chs (OR ANY PREPARED Mac ‘n’ Chs) — heated

2 Thick slices of french bread, texas toast bread

Melt butter in pan,  then place 2 slices of bread, grill till toasty.  Place the bread onto a large dinner plate and assemble

each half with first the CHEESE, then onion, tomato and pop into microwave or toaster oven, open-faced and zap until cheese slices start bubbling on the bread…at 30 second intervals…

Once the cheese and tomato are sufficiently warmed, remove from microwave and proceed to spooning the heated , prepared mac ‘n’ chs onto each half…MEANWHILE: melt  butter in hot pan and grill up last 2 slices of bread till toasty…

When bread is done in pan, assemble to make 2 complete sandwiches, maybe popping plate into microwave for 30 seconds and serving Immediately…

The resulting sandwich will be sloppy, decadent, sinfully delicious, and completely against everything your physician has ever advised…it goes nicely with tomato soup, a dill pickle, or a roll of Tums. 

Bon Appetit!

CJ & Morguie

©2013, C.S. Thompson.


13 Responses to “SPECIAL FEATURE — WHAT? A RECIPE???”

  1. Wow, cheese and Mac n Cheese. Beat my kids would love this. 🙂


  2. I am the guilty one who let C J taste my sandwich at the fair. She is right. It is absolutely tasty.


    • Hahaha! Hmmm…That would be the man’s guilty conscience speaking up, kids! We had the sinful sandwiches with that equally sinful homemade tomato soup tonite…it TOTALLY hit the spot!


  3. Are you trying to kill me CJ? Brwhahaha!


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