Landing craft and tanks at Omaha beach during ...

Landing craft and tanks at Omaha beach during the D-Day landings, many of which had departed from Penarth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

World War I Memorial — Barricaded — Closed due To Shutdown


The build-up of Omaha Beach: reinforcements of...

The build-up of Omaha Beach: reinforcements of men and equipment moving inland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The build-up of Omaha Beach: reinforcements of men and equipment moving inland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Omaha beach cemetery in Normandy, France.

English: Omaha beach cemetery in Normandy, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: "aerial view of Omaha Beach, Nor...

English: “aerial view of Omaha Beach, Normandy, France, taken 6 June 1944, showing landing of two infantry regiments 18th and 115th, vehicles, and landing craft.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

American assault troops, injured while stormin...

American assault troops, injured while storming Omaha Beach, 6 June 1944 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Français : Omaha Beach 722 calvados

Français : Omaha Beach 722 calvados (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Survivors of a sunken troop transport wade ash...

Survivors of a sunken troop transport wade ashore on Omaha Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

American reinforcements landing on Omaha Beach.

American reinforcements landing on Omaha Beach. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Jesus Wept


Warning: This may bother some of those who failed to read the ‘pilot’ episode or opening post to this blog wayyy back in the beginning. However, THERE REALLY WAS a sentence there that warned that the mouse could, at times, get, well…OUT OF HAND.  Morguie is pretty upset right now at the state of things, generally, where the politics of our great Nation are concerned.  So save yourself some time and move on about your day if you wish to stop right here.

Because we are still believers in the right to Free Speech, we are going to exercise it right here, now, today. It cost many, many lives for us to have this right. We do not take any of our Freedoms lightly, or for granted. Many times, especially in recent years, we have wondered if we might lose some of these precious rights and freedoms. The freedom to speak our piece, to write this blog, to worship as we choose, to associate with other people from nations around the globe, to walk about freely, to defend our persons and property, to pursue liberty, prosperity, peace, and happiness



WE realize many who read this understand how important this is. But, younger people may not.  WE are disgusted that these Veterans’ Memorials in Normandy, Okinawa, and places around the globe have become pawns in the showdown of Government Shut Down that the P.O.T.U.S. and Congress have disgraced and punished this fine country and her People with.

Do you know that World War II Veterans are dying at a rate of an average of 1,000 EACH DAY?

There are not that many left who have the health or resources to be able to re-visit these very special memorial sites. Imagine the families of those veterans who died in the thousands on the beaches during the D-Day Invasion that awful June morning, in 1944? They cannot go to visit their loved ones in those cemeteries…That brings tears to our eyes and anger into our hearts, too. THIS IS WRONG!

 PLEASE VISIT THIS LINK if you do not go anywhere else…it takes you on a “virtual tour” of the Omaha Beach and American Cemetery.  It is soooo beautiful. Turn on your speakers.

The furry rodent wanted to tell Congress to kiss his furry behind…

But I want you, my reader to do something else…if you are an American, or have America to thank for anything you have, such as your freedom from a tyrannical or impoverished third-world nation, your health or an educational opportunity…pray that our leaders may find a way to pull their heads out of their asses before long. Thank you. C J

©2013, C.S. Thompson.


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  2. Yell it even louder, CJ!! I’m behind you all the way.


    • My man, LeeRoy was at least able to bury someone yesterday at Riverside National Cemetery…thanks so much for your support Gp. I knew I could count on you.
      I do hope you checked the Normandy link I put in this post…sadly, it is not a substitute for a real visit, but, if you have your speakers on, you might feel the goosebumps rise on your skin as you hear the lonely bells toll, the waves wash ashore, and the birds chirp as you view the beautiful memorial there…


    • Additional note to my reply to your comment, Gp: So far, many have viewed this post, but only a couple have “liked” it.
      Perhaps the Mouse and I have stepped on a ‘line’ of sorts, as we do have an international audience here, for which we are
      very grateful and are humbled. HOWEVER, I will never apologize for being a loyal American-born citizen of the United States. I
      am proud of our Veterans—past, present, and God-willing, future. Whether they are long-dead or alive, they are the unsung heroes who least
      deserve the current treatment being dealt out in the game of cards Washington D.C. is engaged in with this shutdown.
      This is disgraceful. This is pathetic. What has happened to this country’s leadership?
      With chaos like this being allowed to take place and grow, anarchy cannot be far behind. That may sound ‘extreme’ but tempting fate
      is surely no way to get the answer…


  3. Personally, and standing ready to be rebuked, I’d make all those who have disgraced the office they took have to stand for re-election because they walked out on their job. I’d have it that a limited amount could be spent on election campaigns so that not just the independently wealthy stood for office so maybe some people would be voted in who actually cared for the people.
    I’d also make every one of those who refused to do their duty apologise to the people who put them in office. The American people deserve better than they’ve been getting and it seems the ones in office are the ones who care the least. Bring back all the jobs that have gone to India, reduce unemployment at home and help the economy whist giving some dignity back to people as they work. Start caring for the people and not the profit.

    xxx Huge Hugs xxx ( I’ll get off my soapbox now.)


    • And right you are, my dear friend from our great Ally over the pond, and rebuke you, I shall not! Thank you for that vote of confidence. Thank you for such a respectful, thoughtful comment. XXXHuge Hugs Back XXX


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