C J Tosses The Blog To The Dogs!


My Shadow

Today, I wanted to bring up PETS. I adore them. They ARE part of our family.

I am ‘Mom’ to the living creatures in my realm here at home. I especially hold VERY dear

to my heart — our 12-yr. old Labrador retriever, “Shadow.” He was born just a week after that horrible day, September 11, 2001.



He is showing his age, which has created much angst in me in recent times. He has been here but for only an instant, it seems. It’s going to be a very, very tough day for this Dog-Mom when Shadow must leave her side…when he goes to get the angel’s wings he so richly deserves for being the loyal and loving companion he’s been for us.

Shadow left to go on the annual pilgrimage across the country with Daddy Monday. He lives for this hunting trip…he cannot get up into the truck without help now. I told Daddy he better take extra good care of my boy…I sure bawled to watch both of my men leave like that! I know it will be his last time to go with Daddy.

Our Shadow


 What’s a poor Mom to do? Why, worry of course! And, worry I did, until they made it to their destination safely over the 1,700 miles’ drive.

 So, I am sitting here today, missing both, and nursing this cold.

On a cool evening, Shadow likes Mom to ‘hold’ him…yes…HOLD him. I suspect he thinks he is one of those “teacup” dogs. All 70 pounds of his tiny teacup-ness.


Mom holding the Tiny Teacup Labrador

I wonder if he misses me, too, right now? If he does, does he imagine it to look this way?

©2013, C.S. Thompson.

11 Responses to “C J Tosses The Blog To The Dogs!”

  1. Shadow made it home with no problems. He still has a good nose and hunts like a trooper. I think he will be around for a while.


  2. Awwwwwwwww… that handsome little face reminds me of my first dog growing up.


    • Thank you. Yes, I think he IS a pretty darned good looking fellow, if I say so myself. He is just a prince; the very king of my heart. 🙂


  3. Wonderful. I love that you have a black lab. 🙂
    I bet he does miss you too.

    ps: Have you ever read my very first blog entry “Make Mine a Labrador”. That might explain why I love black labs. 🙂


    • Sue: I will have to run over and look at that! We actually have Shadow and his grandson “Hunter” (aka- Spawn of the Devil).
      Unfortunately, Hunter is nothing like his Grandpa, which tears me to pieces inside. I will be devastated on the eventual loss of my beautiful Shadow. Sadly, I feel Hunter will only be Daddy’s dog as I have not been able to build any ‘pet’ rapport or bond with him at all in the
      nearly 5 years we’ve had him.


      • My Lab was English bloodline. Broad shouldered. Big boned. Weighed 140 pounds. Lived to 14 years of age.
        His loss was worse than my father’s funeral.
        My Lab, is interred under his favorite spot beneath the cherry tree where he loved to snooze in warm weather.
        He had much more white in his face.


        • These pics are a year or two old; they happened to be handiest. Our last black lab, Chipper, was with us 14 years. He had to be euthanized…that was really hard…it seemed he wanted to just go on forever, even though the rest of his poor body had completely given out. It is hard to have such a loyal and reliable friend for such a short time. Few humans can match or even begin to compare when it comes to the loving companionship of our beloved pets. Thanks so much for sharing your pet’s memory with us.


    • Awww. Sue! I did try to see that story, since you mentioned it here…and something has happened to your blog! Did you remove it? I do hope you will put it back up! Or put up a link to where we all might be able to enjoy it? I plan to include “Pets” in my blog, since they are such an important part of our lives. xxHugsxx


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