10 Commandments of Estate Behavior

EXCELLENT! I just cannot tell you the times I have seen this bad behavior play out after a death. 

The Estate Lady Speaks

With great reverence for God’s 10 commandments, here are the basic rules which should be followed in any and every estate situation.  Often, we aren’t thinking clearly in the middle of the estate settlement and distribution process.

While there are no laws that pertain to human behavior when handling an estate and the distribution of property, these commandments should be “etched in stone” to remind us how we should behave.

  1. Thou shalt not worship material possessions.  They can be a monkey on your back and, ultimately, you can’t take them with you.
  2. Greed and the love of possessions can be false idols which can, and often do, ruin families.
  3. Don’t forget to take Sabbath for yourself.  We all need time and space to breathe and reflect.
  4. Honor your loved one that just passed away.  Take actions that would respect them and make them proud.
  5. Thou shalt not kill thy family…

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2 Responses to “10 Commandments of Estate Behavior”

  1. We’re s mercenary bunch at heart despite not being able to take it with us.Watching who gets what and wondering why only causes grief.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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