EL Dia de los Muertos





If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, you might be aware of the spectacular festivities that take place over at HOLLYWOOD FOREVER CEMETERY.

This is the 14th Annual L.A. Day of the Dead…I urge everyone to check out the link, at the very least…it is INCREDIBLE!  In fact, it’s a wonder any ‘official business’ (you know what I mean) is ever going on…judging from what I saw of the calendar of events,  The cemetery holds celebrities from the early days of Hollywood movies right up to the rock and roll age of the is a serious attraction for anyone who wants to tour the ‘Hollywoodland‘  area and maybe take in a movie or a concert, or Halloween event. 

HOLLYWOOD FOREVER appears to be a really lively place!

In fact, with thousands of folks celebrating until midnight, it’s enough to wake the dead!!

English: Mexican "Altar de muertos" ...

English: Mexican “Altar de muertos” detail: sugar skull, cempasúchitl flower and candle Español: Detalle de un altar de muertos: Calavera de azúca, flor de cempasúchitl y veladora (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Alfeniques are sugar candy that allud...

English: Alfeniques are sugar candy that allude to the day of the dead celebrations in Mexico. Los alfeñiques son figuras de azucar que aluden a las celebraciones del día de muertos en México. Photo taken in downtown plaza in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia

Español: concurso del dulce regional de dia de...

Español: concurso del dulce regional de dia de muertos en toluca de san jose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This image was selected as a picture of the we...


2 Responses to “THE DAY OF THE DEAD”

  1. It’s funny how in Spain the “dia de los muertos/santos” it’s a sad day, where in Mexico and other Latin American countries it’s a sorta party.


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