Enduring Gratitude

Each marker in section 60 of Arlington Nationa...

Each marker in section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery, which holds veterans from Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, has a flag placed in front of it during the “Flags In” Memorial Day tradition, May 21. Joint services place ‘Flags In’ at Arlington National Cemetery See more at Army.mil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: 020109-N-2383B-506 Kandahar, Afghanis...

English: 020109-N-2383B-506 Kandahar, Afghanistan (Jan. 9, 2002) — A U.S. Marine from 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) practices small arms fire at the firing range set up near Kandahar, Afghanistan. U.S. Sailors and Marines are in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer’s Mate Johnny Bivera. (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


U.S. Marines from Alpha Co., Battalion Landing... U.S. Marines from Alpha Co., Battalion Landing Team 1st Bn., 6th Marines, startle the owner of a compund who refused to open his door for a search during Operation EL DORADO. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tonight, and hopefully every night, if you are safely in a warm home, free from danger and oppression, and know where your family members are…please allow for one quiet moment of gentle reflection and gratitude for those things. There are many forces at work in this cosmos, seen and unseen, known and unknown, that are working to keep things in this balance for all of us. Much blood has been shed; many lives sacrificed, and many personal dreams forfeited for the rest of mankind, so that we might enjoy the simple freedoms and everyday safety we take for granted.

The best way to show our appreciation is in giving back to those who serve us in the provision of this security and safety. Find some time to visit with a Veteran, plan to attend a Veteran’s Day remembrance ceremony in your town, visit a cemetery, DISPLAY a FLAG, teach a young child about courage, or just find some time to unplug from the iPhone and appreciate the peace and beauty of the day — be grateful it isn’t a scenario surrounding you as in Kandahar or someplace. Find a way to send a buck, donate items, or just your time to Wounded Warriors or Blue Star Mothers. Google “Veteran’s Day” and follow some really amazing links to learn more. 

Thank someone for what you have today…


CJ and Morguie

©2013, C.S. Thompson.





Albania        1

Australia     40

Belgium         1

Canada       158

Czech              5

Denmark      43

Estonia           9

Finland          2

France          86

Georgia        27

Germany     54                                    

Hungary        7

Italy             48                                                     

Jordan            2

Latvia             3

Lithuania        1

NATO            10

Netherlands 25

New Zealand 11

Norway         10

Poland           38

Portugal          2

Romania       21

Slovakia           1

South Korea    1

Spain             34

Sweden            5

Turkey           14

UK               446

US              2290

TOTAL       3395



US Navy 030502-N-8497H-015 Sailors aboard USS ...

US Navy 030502-N-8497H-015 Sailors aboard USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) man the rails as the ship pulls into NAS North Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Australia 2
Azerbaijan 1
Bulgaria 13
Czech Republic 1
Denmark 7
El Salvador 5
Estonia 2
Fiji 1
Georgia 5
Hungary 1
Italy 33
Kazakhstan 1
Latvia 3
Netherlands 2
Poland 23
Romania 3
Slovakia 4
South Korea 1
Spain 11
Thailand 2
Ukraine 18
United Kingdom 179
United States 4486
Total 4804
English: 020202-N-3236B-007 Kandahar, Afghanis...

English: 020202-N-3236B-007 Kandahar, Afghanistan (Feb. 2, 2002) — A U.S. Navy SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV) performs a live fire target shooting exercise. The exercise was conducted at a range near the Kandahar International Airport. Special Warfare teams are conducting missions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 1st Class Ted Banks. (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7 Responses to “Enduring Gratitude”

  1. May all those who have fallen in the fights to bring Freedom to the World have found peace. May all of those who enjoy the freedom they gave us appreciate it.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • What a waste of human life
      of mother’s sons who fell in strife.
      to save the world and set it free
      from someone else’s tyranny.

      If only man could cease to fight,
      and learn to build those bridges bright,
      that teach him how to love all year,
      where each would share, none would fear.

      What a world we could behold
      if lived in Peace with stories told.
      of wasted years when men had died,
      and all their wives and mothers cried.

      No more we said, of mindless death.
      to each belongs their own sweet breath,
      and we must now learn to live as one,
      these days of war and killing done.

      Not very good I’m afraid but written just now. We see the ages of those killed in our name and know we sent children off to war and only men returned sickened by the horrors they saw and still we don’t seem to have learned to get along.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • I posted your beautiful poem here David. It just had to be placed here for all to see.


  2. Thanks for the post, I will definitely pause to remember and honor those who served. Seven men in our family alone, all lived to talk about their experiences but so many of their friends did not…


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