The Picture Says A Lot!


It’s just an ordinary weekday, here at our place. Uneventful, really. But the mouse and I LIKE uneventful, more often than not…however, we find ourselves thinking about the other events taking place in this world, and we hope that all is well, for the most part. Mother Nature has been raging, and for that we are worrying and giving up prayers for those affected. We hope that they may be finding safety, shelter, food, and water. We hope they know the rest of the world grieves with them as they grieve the loss of loved ones in the storms and wartime battles.

For our Enemies: See the nice puppy in the picture? He’d LOVE to SHOW you what he does best with those TEETH! Come a little closer…awwww, shucks! Sorry about that! You didn’t REALLY NEED that ARM, did you? Oh well…maybe you should have put the gun down, first.

For all of those who make our day and our countries safe, from the city sidewalks to beyond international borderlines and war zones: We just wanted to say, “Thanks, again!”  

And, we thank YOU, our readers, for taking time to visit us. YOU make us shine! You give us the confidence to continue taking this little blog to new places. We wouldn’t BE, if it weren’t for YOU.

From the bottoms of our hearts,

C J  and Morguie

©2013, C.S. Thompson.




6 Responses to “The Picture Says A Lot!”

  1. You know my first thought when I looked at that picture? “He’s just a baby”. It’s a sad state of affairs when we send babies to war.
    Another nice post CJ and Morguie 🙂


  2. It’s always nice to drop in unawares CJ since you and Morguie always have such a fantastic welcome for us out-of-towners. I join you in send well wishes to all those hurt by Mother Nature and hope that between us we’ll all be able to calm her down a bit someday by treating her like the Lady she is.
    I send you both Hugs Galore but I promise not to squeeze too hard Morguie. xxx


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