Please give it a thought- Holiday Mail for Heroes

We know our readers will be happy to help!

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Most of us praise our God at Sunday Services
and try to rest. We would ask that you please
remember those in military protecting our
freedom of religion.

Holiday Mail for Heroes will be open until
December 6th this year.

So when you address your Christmas cards you
could do a couple more and brighten someone’s

It doesn’t take a lot of time, nor cost a lot
of money, but it will put a smile on a
strangers face.

That person may be a veteran, active military,
or a military family member here or abroad.
The guidelines for sending cards, or messages,
are on the link provided.

Since this program started in 2006, 6.5
million cards have been sent. Even if you don’t
believe in the wars, please send a card.

And remember, November is Military Family
Comments are always welcome.

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5 Responses to “Please give it a thought- Holiday Mail for Heroes”

  1. I’ve taken down the address and will be sure to get some out shortly. Terrific post, Thanks, CJ.


    • Thanks Gp! I am too! The mouse and I are are going to enjoy some real handwriting exercise, for a change. A nice break from the keys, for sure! CJ and Morguie



  2. I sent Christmas parcels to the Australian troops last year. I still don’t know if they ever received them though.


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