Our Quiet Thanksgiving Day

Lithograph, Home To Thanksgiving, published by...

Lithograph, Home To Thanksgiving, published by Currier and Ives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Good day one and all! Mousie and I got through another Thanksgiving and hope all of you came through as well. It is a tough time of year for many, we understand, all too well. 


For myself, it was a day quietly spent at home with my sweetheart and my good friend, whom we had invited over to share dinner with us. My daughters each had their ‘in-laws’ this time, which was fine. Same for my sweetheart’s grown children. The first year for a quiet house, in many years.


So I went to pick my friend up, to bring him to our home, but before we came to the house we stopped at the cemetery where both of our fathers are buried.


Friendship (Photo credit: Bonito Club)



First, I stopped at Daddy’s grave. I dusted his marker off and placed a pretty wreath of artificial roses onto it. Before I left I told Daddy how very much I missed being able to sit and eat his traditional cream cheese and shrimp dip with chips. Told him it wasn’t the same watching football and drinking some beers as the turkey cooked. No. No matter how the day played out, without him in it, it just wasn’t “Thanksgiving” in the traditional way…I fought back the tears. It seems I do that a lot…


…even three years later. We hadn’t been able to do any of that since 1999, actually. He’s been dead 3 years. 





Next we rolled over to the section where my buddy’s dad is buried. I was good friends with him and witness to that funeral, too. I hadn’t seen the grave marker, and was taken aback as I read “2005” on the date. Wow! Had it really been that long? My friend kept a nice bouquet of real-looking artificial flowers in the bronze vase year-round for his dad. It looked nice. We spent a few minutes and quietly left.


We know that even though they aren’t with us to enjoy our earthly celebrations, there ARE with US in our hearts, every day, within in our thoughts. We include them in chats of good times and happy memories of the days gone by. For us, that is how we share them with others and keep them very much alive in spirit. We know they would not wish us to dwell in sadness over their departure. They would be pleased to know we try to take the best of what they gave to us to become the best people we can be while we are here.


Morguie and I thank you all for being part of our lives. We cannot tell you just how much you mean to us. We share this fantastic space with you and in it we can tell you some very personal things. We are glad that you come here as our friends and that you never judge us. For that we are extremely grateful.  CJ and Morguie



P.S. Today we got the magazine issue with our debut article inside! We are doubly grateful! Thank you for helping to make us what we are!







10 Responses to “Our Quiet Thanksgiving Day”

  1. I understand how rough the holidays can be when one has lost family. You are proving to be the strong person I know you to be.


  2. CJ, you made yourself who you are.
    Thank YOU for being a gentle soul. 🙂


  3. Dearest CJ. You were always what you are, you perhaps just didn’t see it. You and my friend Mousie have a tranquil little oasis that it’s wonderful to visit, sharing your stories and humour and even your knowledge of things unknown to us sometimes.
    Though this story should have been happy in that you were able to share a quiet Thanksgiving with a friend, you have it tinged with the sadness of remembrance and remind us that sometimes, things can never be the same again. As tears prick eyes you bring us back with a reminder about your debut article. Congratulations and very well done.
    I send as always Huge Hugs to you both.xxx


    • Dear David,we are quite touched by your sweet comment. Thank you, sincerely.
      Sending Warm and fuzzy Hugs back to you, XXxxCJ and MorguiexxXX


      • This was beautifully written and you whole blog drew me in, so much so that i hav been reading and reading. You are so good with the computer too. I loved the way you described your quiet Thanksgiving.


        • Thank you, Jill. That’s so very kind of you. We hope you will find a variety of interesting stuff along your way here.
          We are glad you liked it!

          Big Hugs from Us both, CJ and Mousie


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