Checkin’ In from City of Sin


Cowboy (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)





C J has ‘Gone Country’ and is over in Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo this week…watching those cowboys wrestle steers, ride rank bulls, and rustle up some big bucks doing some pretty crazy quick calf-ropin’ and saddle bronc bustin’…COWGIRL UP!!!  GIDDY UP!!!


Stetson Vest

There’s actually a cowboy named Stetson Vest…sounds like a code for some girl’s night out…let’s try it out:  

Generic Husband: Where ya running off to honey?  

Generic Wife: Oh, Jenny and I and Susie are going off to the mall (wink wink) to the Wrangler Outlet Store, they have a special Stetson Vest—we’re going to get us some…

…just so happens, Stetson IS a Wrangler model, when he isn’t qualifying to be a NFR Champion Tie-Down Roper. So, you really wouldn’t be lying…

…turns out, as of Night #4 old Stetson Vest is still sort of hoping his very charming good cowboy looks will be enough to get that gold buckle and a paycheck, because he’s surely not been so lucky (yet) with the actual tie-down rope on the calf…he still has several nights to pull out of his slump though.

C J will be back tomorrow with another Sin City update…if she just doesn’t freeze her ta-tas off before then. It is mighty cold! Just ask any of the brass monkey-eunuchs around here… Don’t need to run to the Wrangler store for a Stetson Vest…I found me a cowboy…he’s the best!


4 Responses to “Checkin’ In from City of Sin”

  1. I am so amused at all the people living in warm places calling 30-50 degrees “cold”. XD

    Up here it was between -5 and 1 degree. Without windchill!

    Layers! Layer all the things!


    • Lol! And, please Miss Olivia, feel free to be selfish and keep that chilly stuff ALLLLLLLL to yourself, by all means! Thanks for coming by…nice to hear from you, been a little while! Always good to see you here!
      BTW: this is one onion whose layers are good going birthday suit under it all could probably use a bit more sun and maybe some pressing, too! LMAO! 😉


  2. Now Now C.J., keep those hands tucked under your armpits ( the opposite ones, I don’t want to cripple you) then your hands will stay warm and the cowboys will stay safe.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • Will do. Hadn’t thought of that. Taking that as wisdom coming from someone who could well be ‘in the know’ about these things’ HAH! 😉 HUGE HUGS back at ya, cowboy over the pond, XXX CJ and Mousie XXX


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