Canadian Artist Creates Anatomically Correct Crochet Skeletons

Here is a little treat that is sure to be interesting to just about all of our friends coming in to see our newest post…this is neat! Hugs and Happy Sunday to All, C J and Mousie

5 Responses to “Canadian Artist Creates Anatomically Correct Crochet Skeletons”

  1. She’s talented I give you that but not something I think I would attempt to crochet any time soon 😉


  2. It might be a conversation starter and highly skilled and innovative but I wouldn’t want to be eating when that conversation started.
    xxx Hugs to you both C.J. and Mousie xxx


    • You are just so comical! Wouldn’t it be a GAS, though, dontcha think? Love your sense of fun! We can practically hear you laughing from over the pond! Huge, funny hugs, Mousie and CJ XxXxX


  3. I am ‘pure amazed’ at this…. pure genius. :)))


    • If not just a li’l bit downright creepy! Imagine waking up that day..”.**YAWN*** Aghh, WHAT shall I do today???
      Ho hum..OH! I KNOW!!! I believe I’ll crochet an entire set of innards for starters….see where THAT takes my fanciful self…”
      Hahaha. Nice to have you back in for a commentary, Gloria. Missed you! Hugs, CJ and Morguie


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