Polar Vortex Blues?

To all the folks who are snowbound, iced over, frosted, and wind-chilled, the mouse and I want to say: That’s winter for ya!


Bundle up if you insist on going out into that dreadful weather! We recommend staying indoors, taking long naps, reading good books, writing Al Gore to share your thoughts on global warming, making a hearty pot of chili or chicken and dumplings…break out the Scrabble, or better yet, Twister?

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So…we went over to the YouTube and dug through the bits for a quick, relevant somethin’. A Snow Bustin’ good time! Too bad these can’t handle smaller jobs, eh?

THIS was what we found! WE PROMISE it won’t make anybody sick, faint, or dizzy! (sorry, David)


For the late part of the week, the weatherman promised the freezing temps would gradually be warming back to where they ought to be….

otherwise…Morguie will be dispatched to bite that Polar Vortex in the ass!!

4 Responses to “Polar Vortex Blues?”

  1. Break out the twister? What century are we in? You should break out the Balderdash and see if you can stop yourself laughing though having seen my spelling Scrabble could do that too.
    Thank you for showing a video of something at ground level for a change and not floating from the top of the Grand Canyon on a bungee rope.Knowing my luck they’d use elastic and I’d be there all day like a yo-yo.
    I hope it gets warm enough to melt the ice. Don’t send Mousie after the polar vortex, biting that would make his teeth brittle and he’s have to suck his meals.
    xxx Sending Huge Hugs xxx


    • Egads! You just reminded me of the Slingshot Bungee thingy I agreed to do with my younger daughter a few years back…in a way, I am secretly happy that I now have an artificial vertebral disc in my neck…it’s easy to “just say NO.” However, I can still enjoy a good zip-line. As for Twister, anytime I am forced to bend like a pretzel to reach a cable betwixt or between the wall and the desk or some such tight space, while at the same time on tip-toes with hyper-extended arm bent to reach the plug an inch just out of my grab, THAT may also be as good as “Right foot-green, left hand-yellow.”
      Huge happy hugs, xxx CJ xxx


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