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During a visit to peruse posts of a fellow blogger-follower, we stumbled upon this video. Unfortunately, we lost our way, now unsure ‘which blogger’ (yikes) but thanks to YouTube we were able to subscribe to the video, making it possible to share here.

 Somebody has found a way to put into words,  what we have felt…for years. That sometimes love is so big, that it overwhelms us, and sometimes evokes a sort of melancholy, too. Love is a powerful thing. Life really wouldn’t have much substance if there wasn’t someone or something in it worth investing a piece of your heart in, putting your soul on the line for…

This guy delivers this message with the emotion and energy we find bottled within our own hearts sometimes. We hope it moves you like it did us. 

Carpe diem. Have a most beautiful, hug-filled day.


C J and Morguie



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9 Responses to “Love”

  1. Like little Morguie. Reminds me of the pygmy jerboa recently in the news.


  2. An excellent piece. He talks of the ephemeral nature of love as though we basically know it will end and yet I think as none of us can see the future we all expect love not to end. That doesn’t stop us hugging that bit tighter sometimes when emotion is roused as it can be with love. Sometimes the heart can turn over just from the pleasure of seeing a loved one we may only have seen a few hours ago and the sheer pleasure of the luck we have in holding that person’s heart can bring tears to the eyes.
    Those of us who will pass first at the end of out term will go knowing the love that surrounds us, those of us who survive will mourn the passing of the person but will hold the memory of love in their hearts forever.Love therefore remains permanent for each of us though like the poet we may mourn also the impermanence of beauty around us.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • Thank you for sharing such deeply felt thoughts about this. I would like to believe that love is something which transcends the obstacles of time and space…that it remains with us, resides in us…why else would it be visited upon us and leave such an indelible impression, if it weren’t meant to attach to us, and become a part of us?


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