The Price of Love

OK, get ready for some of the most real words you’ve seen, pouring straight from the deepest place in a heart where grief lives. Bring a tissue.


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What is the price of love?  Is it the $79.95 you pay to eHarmony or for X amount of time on their website?  Is it the cost of flowers on Valentine’s Day?  Is it that new pair of soccer cleats for your son that he just has to have?  Is it the cost of end of life care for a dying pet?  Is it the difference between cremation and burial?  Is it buying the top of the line casket when your husband dies?

No.  It’s none of these things.

The cost of love is grief.

Today, a girl buried her nineteen year old fiancé.  They were engaged on Christmas Day of 2013 and on Valentine’s Day of 2014, she put him in the ground forever.

Grief is the highest price you can pay for anything.  It doesn’t end, and anyone who tells you that it does is full…

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6 Responses to “The Price of Love”

  1. This is so powerful and so very, very true.


    • I have issues getting over the death of my own beloved father. He was taken from us in the course of 12 years…beginning with a devastating accident caused by the drugged up driver who hit him as he crossed a street near his home (in a crosswalk aided by the favor of a green light). After that the anger boiled inside of me as I saw him lie helpless, permanently and severely brain-injured, paralyzed for the remainder of his life. He suffered immensely. Yes, whoever said life was fair, etc… It still killed something in all of us, nonetheless, changing us forever as a family. I could relate to this young lady’s story very much — missing her father, to whom she was very close.


  2. Thanks for sharing a wonderful article. It makes one feel that one is not alone in grieving the loss of a loved one, and that it’s O.K to grieve for as long as you cannot help it.


  3. All very true. People tell me things do and will get better but it’s quite right that they don’t get better they get different. I’m quite sure that loss doesn’t stop you loving again and I suppose it’s possible to love just as deeply if it’s a partner who died, but I suspect all that happens is we edge other things over in our hearts to make room, making sure the first love remains.
    If it’s a child lost then new children will be loved with all the power that can be mustered, but their missing brother or sister can never be forgotten and though the new child brings happiness and joy, the pain of losing a child can never go away.
    xxx Sending Huge Hugs xxx


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