A “Well, Whaddya Know!” Moment




An oddball news bit came about this week.  It was about a guy whose car was stolen ‘back in the day.’

It was not the first time he’d had it stolen from him, either. But the next thief made off with it …time passed…life moved on.

He’d plum forgot about the whole mess, until he got a call, from the authorities recently. They wanted to tell him they were happy to finally report this crime was SOLVED and the car had been recovered! It was on a dock headed for Australia. Off to see a bit of the world?

Imagine that!

And, get a load of this! The car is in magnificent, better-than-your-wildest-dream condition, too!!!  Whaddya know !!

How often can we read a story about a victim of crime, who comes out better than the criminal, in such an odd twist of karmic fate?  The truth is stranger than fiction sometimes, it really is.  

Go to the link to see the beauty of a ride that came home to Papa… Stolen Chevy returned to owner 30 years later | The Press Democrat.

and have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Morguie and CJ



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8 Responses to “A “Well, Whaddya Know!” Moment”

  1. Here, a hug and a cracker for Mousie…and wow, how wonderful..life does have so many miracles, really…good news. 🙂


    • Hey Mer! What a surprise! Thanks for coming by. I feel so much better, now. Thank you. As for the story…wonder if I can get someone to steal my car….but send it back like new, say next MONTH? Fat chance. Hope you’re doing better. We LOVE your blog, btw. Hugs, Mousie and CJ


  2. Sorry about my English there, should have been no Insurance company comes along…………. Hugs


  3. What a wonderful story. I just hope no insurance company doesn’t come along and claim it now because they paid out on it back then. Lovely to think of the thieves faces when they found out, unless they’d sold it on to the person who spent so much on it.
    Hope your weekend is going well.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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