Please Help My Daughters!: Look Out for Our Interview on Global News Edmonton!

U P D A T E:  It appears that, at least for now, several nearby families have offered their interest and willingness to take these small girls in… thank God. Our concerted and collective consciousness came together to stream some positive energy and goodness into a very sad and dark life situation. 


Sometimes, I am glad to be a part of the human race, after all.  CJ 




This is a dire situation, requiring an expedient resolution…please pass to anyone who you may believe is of the highest  parental quality, responsible, committed, and loving…someone with a family and a stable home willing to take these little girls as their very own. Please take a moment to click the link and see the story:

Help My Daughters!: Look Out for Our Interview on Global News Edmonton!.

Thank you for helping get the word out. Any and all prayers are surely welcome, as well.

Morguie and CJ

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2 Responses to “Please Help My Daughters!: Look Out for Our Interview on Global News Edmonton!”

  1. What a sad, sad story. I hope there’s someone out there who can take the girls and give them a loving home while still allowing their mother access to them.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    • I replied to the mother that it would be done in a heartbeat here. But they need to be able to be near their Mom and this is way too far out. There are some things in common we share…for instance, the problem of the children’s father…she was perfectly describing the monster my girls had for a father. Also, my little girls are roughly 16 months apart in age and very close as sisters, like these girls. I tend to be protective over imperiled kids, naturally. In the past couple of years, I had been providing a safe shelter for a pair of sisters who lived nearby, on occasions when there were d.v. episodes taking place in their home. I can’t bear the thought of children having no home or family.I am going to check on this situation shortly…I heard they may have been presented with a blessing in their own town. I hope.


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