Grateful For Purpose




Today, we are sending out a heart-felt ‘thank you’ for all of our friends who stop to take time to pop in and visit us here. You give us so much more than just ‘likes’ when you come by…you give us the encouragement that keeps us motivated to ‘keep on keepin’ on’ and that’s dear to us.

So “thank you” kindly, one and all, for coming in to see us, today, and everyday. It gives us ‘purpose’ if we have touched you with a post, or caused you to pause and ponder what you saw in here…we hope you will return again and again…and bring your friends along, too.

We wish you all a beautiful day!

Morguie and C J

Β©2014, C.S. Thompson.

Today’s post is perfectly said, we feel, by our favorite old-time poet, Edgar A. Guest.









Edgar A. Guest

Not for the sake of the gold,
Not for the sake of the fame,
Not for the prize would I hold
Any ambition or aim:
I would be brave and be true
Just for the good I can do.


Fireman's Carry


I would be useful on earth,
Serving some purpose or cause,
Doing some labor of worth,
Giving no thought to applause.
Thinking less of the gold or the fame
Than the joy and the thrill of the game.



Medals their brightness may lose


Fame be forgotten or fade,

Any reward we may choose

Leaves the account still unpaid.
But little real happiness lies

Β In fighting alone for a prize.



Give me the thrill of the task,
The joy of the battle and strife,
Of being of use, and I’ll ask
No greater reward from this life.

Better than fame or applause
Is striving to further a cause. Β 




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6 Responses to “Grateful For Purpose”

  1. I hope your day is stunningly wonderful my friend. πŸ™‚ Hugs to you.


  2. Crackers to Mousie and Massive Hugs to you C.J. for the pleasure, the thoughtfulness, the education that your posts bring. Life is not just about joy, but after pain it’s nice when the joy is found and you both bring that joy.
    xxx Sending Unlimited Hugs to do with as you will xxx


    • Awww, you are the kindest. You bring us much to laugh at and smile about too. We love that you are our loyalest ( most loyal, as it were, in PROPER English) fan. Without you, and your big hugs, we probably wouldn’t keep up NEARLY as well as we have been, and lately, it’s been a little hit and miss…for that we apologize. I chase after the rodent a little, I swat, I hit, but I miss! πŸ˜› HUGEST HUGS and warmest appreciation for your wonderful friendship, which is like the sun…CJ and Mousie xxxxx


  3. A beautiful day (evening) to you too! πŸ˜›


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