New Feature: Crackers and Bits – Episode 1

Two Ritz Crackers

We are proud to announce that Morguie gets to have his very own, very special signature product here, starting today.

Oh Where is Mousie?  WAIT! There he is…in his own feature!                  Where is Mousie?

Yes! Mousie will now have a feature which is dedicated for simply :  F U N !!!!


M  O  R  G  U  I  E

“Crackers and Bits” will be his own little show here. From time to time he will post a funny video or a wisecrack or some other bit of idiocy that he thinks you will enjoy… just for the sake of laughing…because, frankly, we all know we could definitely benefit from more comic relief these days.

Best of all it’s Free! However, he certainly won’t be offended (he’d be so gracious) if you enjoyed your visit SOOOOO much as to feel compelled to offer savory crumbs, tidbits, or mouse-lovin’ whisker-rubs as tokens of your appreciation!

English: Goldfish snack crackers (cheddar flavor)

English: Stauffer's Animals Crackers


We hope you enjoy our newest development, and as ever, We Thank You.

Hugs, xxx C J and Morguie xxx

Episode 1, “Deathbed Repentance”: This troupe put the F-U-N in ‘dysfunctional’ in this hilarious skit set in a family gathering at a parent’s bedside…hint: it isn’t what you think!

©2014, C.S. Thompson.

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10 Responses to “New Feature: Crackers and Bits – Episode 1”

  1. Thanks Mousie. Very amusing. 🙂


  2. ralph_de Says:

    Congratulations Mousie ! It looks like your Crackers and Bits is a hit. I enjoyed it very much and I’m looking forward to see the next episode. Thanks.


    • Thanks, Mr. Ralph! I hope you laughed at my first show. People sure are funny. Based on that, C J could not turn me down when I asked for a funny little place to call my own. I really appreciate your support!


  3. Hilarious. Thanks Mousie, whisker rubs to you and Huge Hugs to CJ xxx


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