Crackers and Bits — Owls!









CJ finally got her new washer delivered— she’s buried in a backlog of laundry, and other human concerns…so I get a second post in a row!! Then she has tons of backlog in the reading of her followed blogs—she’s 2 weeks behind, now! So hang on kids, she WILL be around soon, she promises! 

For now, I get to show a

sweet little clip about owls that we saw on 

one of our fellow blogger’s sites recently…

It’s very cute, because of the owlets — C J’s favorite bird family is the owl.

What makes it so funny is the narrator’s voice! SO turn up the sound!

The voice-over is so much fun, I hit replay, to hear it again, lmao!

Okay, so I have more time than …well, LOTS of idle time, I’ll leave it at that.

Enjoy! Thanks again for coming to see MY show!!  xxx Morguie xxx



English: A friend had a nest of barn owls on t...





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10 Responses to “Crackers and Bits — Owls!”

  1. “It’s a German fairy-tale.”

    Oh my God, now I can’t breathe.

    Thank you for this 😀


    • I know! It was a ‘dark fairy tale.’ LMAO! I thought it was pretty funny, indeed. Thanks for stopping to see it. Hope it made you laugh.
      xxMousie xx


  2. My Tween used to adore owls and we had them everywhere in the house Mousie.
    I’m sorry to hear that CJ is up to her armpits in laundry. I hope she gets out of there soon. Tell her not to worry too much about being behind – I’m always behind on my commenting 😉


  3. Thank you for filling in for C.J. Mousie, I’m sure she appreciates it. I appreciate it too as I might not have seen that very entertaining- and educational- video about the owls who are among my favorite birds.
    I’m sending whisker rubs for you, would you please pass on hugs to C.J.


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