No Excuse And Fewer Options

The other day I talked about a place that put itself ahead of serving others, as regarding meeting the needs of grieving families in a funeral service setting…HERE IS A SHINING EXAMPLE OF EXCELLENCE!

A Simple, Village Undertaker

Over the last 36 hours, I have been reminded not once, but twice, why I have chosen this career.

The goal now is to be able to tell the story without it dragging on.

The first reminder is easy. Casket topjpeg

We were serving a family at George Funeral Home and the wife of the man who died, told Allen, the manager of the funeral home that she used to live in NJ and that I buried her mother and aunt when I worked at Quinn-Hopping Funeral Home in Livingston, NJ in 1990 and 1991.

We come into people’s lives in ways that often cause them to remember us, even twenty three years later. For me, that was a great compliment and I had a chance to chat with her yesterday and thank her.

The second story is not so short.

I live and work in a fairly sterile segment of funeral…

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5 Responses to “No Excuse And Fewer Options”

  1. […] you to Morguie and CJ for re-blogging my article, “No Excuse And Fewer Options”. They drove a plethora of readers to my blog which resulted in lots of comments and new […]


  2. Thanks for the re-blog….lots of new readers and new followers…hugs, cheese and crackers.


    • You are so welcome! You totally deserved this attention due to the pure excellence of what you serve. Which is something I’d like to talk about in my column in the magazine, if I may…I will try to get hold of you shortly. Thanks for the cheese and crackers and the hugs, too!


  3. Which shows that just as with you, there are people in the profession who belong there because of the comfort they can bring to the grieving. Those who put others first.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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