Crackers and Bits — Tarsiers!

Who says you can’t laugh AND learn something at the same time? We really liked that cute Owl clip we shared with you a few posts back and decided to re-visit that place in Cyberspace to see if there was another little nugget…and we are happy to say, we were not to be disappointed. Here now, new host of his own little feature here…






Hey there everybody!! It’s time once again for Morguie’s  feature…






Thanks again for stopping by!!!




7 Responses to “Crackers and Bits — Tarsiers!”

  1. OMG!! Here I am, 6:45am, with headphones on to watch the video and trying to be quiet while my other half sleeps – I now have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard with my hands over my mouth (still trying to stay quiet) and see thru the blur to type this. _____ sorry had to pause there and do some more laughing! This is too much, you sure hit my funny bone!


  2. They look like auditions for the next Gremlins movie.
    xxx Mega Hugs xxx


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