Crackers and Bits — Aye Aye!

He’s baaaaaaaackkkkkkkkk!  Morguie resumes the helm as C J is unable to work on posting any pieces at the moment.




Hey there everyone! Welcome back! I am happy that so many enjoyed the “Tarsiers” I put up last week!

It was pretty funny, wasn’t it? I must confess, it’s these little weird animal bits that make me look pretty cute in comparison…







I mean, I don’t want to seem conceited here, but as a mouse, I think I might be getting cuter by the day, if you compared me to some of these less fortunately blessed, less handsome creatures…which brings me to wondering why science jumps to quick guesses about the lesser known animals in supposing that they might be automatically of rodentia family BEFORE they realize they were all wrong…of course, the primates earn my full respect (and condolences, too) especially now that an awful lot of these critters belong in that family…the red-headed step-children beaten with an ugly stick? At least!

Maybe that’s part of the problem…it’s not an easy life being a rodent, I can say that with certainty! But, in honesty, I am proud to be ME, just as I am. Look into my eyes and tell me you don’t think I’m just cute enough to love, just a wittle little teensy weensy bit? 

It could be ‘worse.’ Take a look at this poor little dude…the Aye Aye. Oddball name for an even more oddball-looking critter. Umm, trying not to judge, but I think this guy has a face that only his mother could really love.

Oh, shame on me! That was NOT nice. But, really…

And, with Mr. Morgan Freeman narrating the clip, as in the previous clips, it’s sure to coax a giggle…that man is ‘magical’ with his reading, to be sure!

As ever, I thank you again for gracing us with your visit today.

Hugs, Morguie the Mouse


14 Responses to “Crackers and Bits — Aye Aye!”

  1. Woke up this morning and saw that you had another nature film – couldn’t wait to see it and just as I suspected – you came through with another gem – HYSTERICAL!! Thanks Morguie – I needed a good belly laugh!


    • Glad you enjoyed it, my dear friend! In this world we currently must endure, all the laughs we can get are still a few too few….glad I could help. 😉


  2. Well Mousie, you have outdone yourself. This made me laugh and smile and think those little lemurs are just too cute. (Much like yourself).


  3. Hello Mousie. What have you done with C.J. this time? I have to admit the aye aye is cute but certainly strange. But if you want strange, how about a degu with it’s bottle brush tail?
    For me Mousie, no-one can beat you for cute, and for talking sense too.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    • Aww gee…do mouses blush? Thanks for the sugar, my sweet! I’m just so glad to be exceptional as mouses go 😉 . How much would it cost to send me ‘par avion’ to your house? You really deserve personally mouse-delivered extra big hugs and whisker rubs for being so kind! Mike probably wouldn’t take kindly to having a rodent knocking on his noggin to wake up to, I’d bet! Massive hugs back, XXXX Morguie XXXX


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