The Fields Are Alive With Color!






Hello Everybody!  Such a beautiful Spring Day here!

Too nice to let the blues get us down!



Look at all the pretty poppies!  As you may or may not be aware, We are coming at you from

The Mojave Desert…in Southern California. These are the State Flower, The Golden Poppy.

We took these pics just a week ago; quite a surprising show of beautiful flowers considering the

drought crisis we currently find ourselves in here. March brought a bit of rain. It appears it was just

in time to be able to bring the thickest, most vibrant fields-full we’ve seen in years! Such a treat!

AND…our local Annual Poppy Festival takes place this weekend! Sometimes the Festival happens but the

Poppies forget to show up! Or The Poppies show up but not exactly in the locale of the Poppy Reserve,

instead opting to grow a bit further out to the north-west — which causes the throngs of

tourists to be a bit disappointed in the few

flowers actually here…that happens! Hey! We are NOT going to dictate to Mother Nature, ok!


If you happen to be nearby, stop by the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

or in to Lancaster’s Poppy Festival

this weekend APRIL 26 – 27! Don’t Forget Your Cameras!



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7 Responses to “The Fields Are Alive With Color!”

  1. It looks fantastic, CJ, but you’ll have to tell Morguie that I’m all the way in So. Florida, but I’m enjoying the pictures!


    • I just booked Morguie for a visit to Daytona, Orlando area in November. He’s looking forward to a tour of the Kennedy Space Center and St Augustine. But he says he doesn’t want to see ANY Palmetto bugs! He would be grateful if you could arrange to shushh those all out to sea before he arrives, please! 😉
      Thanks, Gp!


  2. Sounds just wonderful. Wish I were closer.


  3. Sounds like a glorious place to be.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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