Thought For Today: “Character”





“Bad things do happen; how I respond to them

defines my character and the quality of my life.

I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness,

immobilized by the gravity of my loss,

or I can choose to rise from the pain

and treasure the most precious gift I have —

life itself.”

—–    Walter Anderson

CJ says:    Who is this guy? He obviously knows about me!

Well…Mr. Anderson: I cannot lie. I struggle to really find

my way back to the girl I once was; tragic events and other serious life-altering

situations seem to have made me into someone else.

I realize I cannot have the happiness and joy and lightness as before;

as when in more youthful, carefree, trouble-free days…

but I do know that living in isolation and in a lack of joy is slowly killing me.

So, Mr. Anderson, I concur.  I simply cannot put this off any longer.

I simply, and absolutely, MUST….

start to live in spite of the pain of my grief.

I mean…what do I have to lose, anyway?


If any of my fine friends reading this today also finds himself in this place…

just know that you are among friends here.


Truthfully, it hurts to discover that life is passing you by,

while you are ‘stuck’ in this sort of limbo.

Yes….I believe I must find some way to live, now.

Have a beautiful day everyone!

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8 Responses to “Thought For Today: “Character””

  1. Oh CJ, you will never become what you were once before but you can become an a much better version of that.
    I am happy that you are going to live your life once more. You know where I am if you ever want to chat. 🙂


  2. I am thrilled to hear you say that!! 😉


  3. Now that’s strength. I wish you naught but joy of the World since you bring such joy to your readers.
    I send you the greatest hugs possible. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    • Dear David…not too sure about the strength, hehe. I AM hoping to turn myself around and give myself a chance to seek out more joy…while at the same time revoking myself the privilege of self-imposed guilt and blame for all that I cannot control.
      Did that even make sense? LOL! I must find my path back to a happier existence in a joyful attitude. I know I cannot bear the thought of living the rest of my life mired in worry, anxiety, fear, and sadness. That’s really where I’ve been for more than a decade, as one terrible hit after another conspired to ruin the joy I did know before. You know what I mean? Massive hugs to my #1 fan, as ever I appreciate your thoughts and encouragement, XXxxxxCJxxxxXX


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