Today Is A Day To Reflect and Remember





Today is Memorial Day…A day to honor the soldiers and civilians, too, who gave up their lives for our country. It is not a day for celebrating, rather it is a day meant to be remembered with solemnity and reflection. A day when we show our gratitude for the precious gift of liberty.


I want to thank my sweetheart, LeeRoy, for pointing today’s video clip out to my attention. I think you’ll find it a moving and fitting tribute for today, as I did.

Hugs to all…be safe wherever you go today,natlcrossescem  CJ and Morguie


P.S. Americans: today, at 3 p.m. wherever you are, please won’t you take a break for a moment of silence, to reflect quietly on the thousands upon thousands of lives lost in defense of your freedoms? Thank you.


15 Responses to “Today Is A Day To Reflect and Remember”

  1. Your Memorial Day is almost a month to the day after our ANZAC Day. Was the date chosen for any particular reason at all? It’s just that the two days we choose to honour the fallen (ANZAC Day and Rememberance Day) both have significance for the dates.

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    • Memorial Day came about firstly as “Decoration Day” after the end of the Civil War here in the states, long before the WW’s. ANZAC Day from what I am aware, came after the WWs. At some point, in many countries around the world, there is a Memorial Day celbrating and honoring the soldiers for their courage and ultimate sacrifices made for their various countries’ defense. I would need to research the particulars behind the choice of dates for your observance of ANZAC Day, however, to give you the honest and factual answer to your question, Suz. It is an interesting query worth that effort and as soon as I have the time to find it, I shall report back to you! 🙂


      • Yes, ANZAC Day came from WW1 (as did Rememberance Day) however the original dates have significance even though the days are now a general day to remember the fallen. Due to the fact that Australia is such a young country, it also signified its coming of age. I’d be interested if you find anything out. 🙂

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  2. Anne Bonney Says:

    Reblogged on gunsmokeandknitting. Amen.

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  3. Excellent video for the day.

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