It’s Just One of Those Days




It’s been one of those days…

You know the kind… you just don’t want to beanything at all?

Do you know what we mean?

A day to ‘lay low’ and take a break from dealing with the world.

Take Sheldon, for instance…

He’s CJ’s desert tortoise. She adopted him 2 years ago.

On most every other day,  Sheldon is up to mischief. He’s pacing the yard.

Sheldon believes there MUST be a breach, a hole, a way OUT of the yard.

He’s been atop the woodpile; and toppled from it’s dizzying heights.

 It was all in vain. Woodpile won again!

But, not today. A prison break seemed not to be of importance today.

*We want you to know, Sheldon DOES have a face. It’s pretty cute, actually.*

But today…not so much. No face. Just a butt.

Sheldon has his front end pointed away, as if to assert a message.

Message: Hey! Buzz off! I don’t feel like dealing with you, necessarily.

CJ, upon closer inspection, notes he is firmly planted, as if to say:

“Don’t come rappin’, I am nappin,’  as you can see.

So, go away Mom, just leave me be.”






SHELDON — He appears to be napping. NOTE THE EXTENDED HIND LEG. He’s relaxing the leg here. He must be comfy and unfettered to exhibit the lazy leg pose.


SHELDON — CJ refers to this rear view as ‘ass and elbows.’ LOL!










“But Shelly…” CJ says…

“I brought your favorite! I have some s-a-l-a-d. Mmmmm”

Sheldon actually understands the word “salad” and reacts when he hears it.

He LOVES fresh red-leaf or romaine lettuce salad. It is nearly impossible

to feed him too much of those. He’s a voracious eater.

But…today was one of those days.

He barely stirred; he opened up one eye. So CJ left the salad.

WHAT? He’s too tired to care about it today?

She tickled his back leg, to which he reacted with a head ducking deeper into shell.

“Buzz off!”


SHELDON is parked for the night. Sweet dreams, my little hard-headed man.

Yep. It was certainly one of those days. 

Kind of similar to us pulling the covers over our heads and choosing to stay in the bed.

We could see Sheldon’s point. We sort of felt the same way ourselves today.

Grief and sad times can make us want to shut out the world for a minute.

We don’t feel like seeing anybody or talking to anyone. 

“Go away, cruel world. I’m weary and I don’t need to annoy myself facing you today!

After all, tomorrow’s another day. I’ll be back to my old self then.

I’ll feel up to it, then. I’ll prove that I DO have a face.

It’s really a cute face, too!”


“Ok, Sheldon.  Tell you what…If you show your face tomorrow,

Then we’ll show ours, too.”


We want to thank everyone for their kind and comforting words of condolence received

through the last post. We appreciate your care and compassion so much…there are really no words…

Hugs to all —  CJ  and  Morguie

©2014, C.S. Thompson.


11 Responses to “It’s Just One of Those Days”

  1. Turtles, what a novel idea for a pet…at least they don’t want you throwing tennis balls for them 20 hours a day…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nope…just throw the lettuce, lots of lettuce, and then leave me to my toddler-like mischief and trouble-making. That is all that an enterprising, escape-minded tortoise demands.


  2. Poor Sheldon, the weight of the world on his shoulders in the shape of a shell. We’ve all been there , all felt like that at one time or another. Lucky Sheldon can just plonk himself down anywhere and cover himself while sometimes we’re forced to carry on.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Some days, you just want to hide – luckily, Sheldon carries his covers with him.

    Liked by 1 person

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