Tortoise Tuesday


We decided to create a seasonal aspect here. Maybe. For now, while we are fresh on the topic of CJ’s desert tortoise, Sheldon, we are simply going to allow him to be center-stage. For today, anyhow.


As promised, we present to you….


Sheldon’s face. In terms of tortoise beauty: he is a handsome little devil.   The operative word here IS devil.

Always have to realize he will be up to something when back is turned.




The pics show “somebody” attending to the duty of locating that darned old breach in the super-max penitentiary fence perimeter.


CJ catches somebody in the act of scaling the fence.

Uh oh. Mommy spoiled the plan again.

What?   That wasn’t ME.   The impostor  that’s who it was, Mom.


Here, Mom, a smile just for you, because I’m always so happy to see you.

Foiled again! But there’s tomorrow, hehe.


Yup. Operative word here:  D-e-v-i-l.








IMG_0728IMG_0720 IMG_0717 IMG_0718 IMG_0734

5 Responses to “Tortoise Tuesday”

  1. He looks a determined little beggar. If he’s named after Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory you’ll have to remember he’s a physicist and will probably melt the fence when your back’s turned.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. He is handsome, does he have any company in that cage? Maybe he’s having a 7-year inch or something.

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    • No. Actually tortoises tend to be solitary creatures, in the wild. He is a rescue and I have a special permit to have him. The Fish and Game folks are strict about rules not allowing them to be kept with a opposite sex other. Keeping 2 males creates havoc as they must be kept away from each other or they fight, fight, fight. Sheldon is just instinctively looking for a way to be able to wander off and go where he pleases. I restrict him to a large dog run / garden part of our yard; we live on an acre and he finds lots more mischief when left out there…I usually let him become fully active before I let him out in the “range” which has to be carefully “baby-proofed” prior to that release. He only just came out of winter hibernation so he is just warming up 😉


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