Crackers and Bits: “Dear Diary”

Awwww….lazy kitty feels sorry for himself.

Morguie says: “Meh! Get Over Ya’self Already, Will Ya? Shheeesshhh!”

Thanks for coming by to participate in the Kitty’s Pity Party!




4 Responses to “Crackers and Bits: “Dear Diary””

  1. Sheesh, what a bunch of overweight divas. Just as well you’re not like that Mousie, being the well oiled, sleek, cat baiting machine that you are. May you lead them a merry dance for years to come and have your people squeak triumphant for you.
    Regards and biscuit crumbs for you
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx


    • Really! Huh! None of them has my fine mousie features, such as you described, so eloquently…many hugs, whisker rubs, and thanks for your pure adoration!
      xxxx Mousie xxxx


  2. Too funny. Let’s see how the Diva’s would read:
    “Dear Diary,
    The authorities have been clearing and de-cluttering the female authority’s craft room. They have removed all of my hidey holes. I have registered my protest by chewing the edges off the many pieces of scrapbook paper owned by the female but she has disregarded this and laughed. They have placed high shelves above the desk just taunting me to reach them. The female has thwarted all attempts I have in attempting to scale their heights. I will prevail”.
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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