Some Truisms


5 things you can’t recover in life:


A stone after it’s thrown

A word after it’s said
An occasion after it’s missed
Time after it’s gone
Trust after it’s lost

7 Responses to “Some Truisms”

  1. So true, CJ.

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  2. See, there’s some benefits to only going out under escort. You can’t get yourself into trouble with these things. When I rule the world I shall make it illegal to do any of these things and I’ll make chocolate pancakes for breakfast compulsory.
    xxx Massive Hugs xx x

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    • Chocolate pancakes? Never had them…but given that I adore chocolate—I might like them! 🙂 I’d get mighty fat, though…fat enough now. 😛 Sending melty chocolatey hugs, XXXxxxxCJxxxxXX


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