Crackers and Bits : “The Funeral”












Hi Everybody! Happy Tuesday!

Here is a really old clip of a Carol Burnett sketch….with the VERY YOUNG Robin WIlliams!

The outtake at the end shows Carol, directing the sketch…apparently,

Robin was unpredictable and out of control, even in the beginning. I love that about him.

But then again,  I am kind of attracted to weirdos.

See the little dude on the right? That’s  actually C J…hahaha!

I think she needs a time out. Hope you enjoy the funny clip

Not to worry, though. She’ll be back soon.

Just as soon as the pain in her head stops and the blood dries…









12 Responses to “Crackers and Bits : “The Funeral””

  1. Thank you for the swift kick of humor up the proverbial just when I needed it most.
    xxx Huge Hugs and Whisker Rubs xxx

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  2. Outstanding….that will earn you a re-blog this evening. You know you are in the business if you can identify caskey models from years ago… BV J-37 Black Onyx.

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    • I saw that! Hey, look for an email from me…I am going to send you the CPL and GPL from the famous Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home, NYC. I want to hear what you think of THOSE prices! That’s the place that buries all the hotshots in NYC …you know.
      They feature the Pharaoh Sarcophagus for $173,000! Most expensive casket on their list. Thanks for the re-blog! Glad you liked that.


  3. Thanks for this. I just finished a PT session. Watching this while sitting with the ice pack.

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