Getting Our Weird On


Hi Everybody!

…hope you enjoy today’s post…it contains 2 clips: the first is so punny funny — yule you’ll have to see it if  you’re a stickler about proofreading and spell-checking. It is the perfect “opening act” for the second clip.

Clip #2 is the latest bit of genius—  produced and freshly released  parody   song “Word Crimes” by  Weird Al Yankovic.

He puts on a crazy good show…if you ever get a chance to see him “live” you will have a lot of fun.


We have had the pleasure and great fun of meeting Weird Al on more than one occasion, after his performances at the local Fair… CJ’s man was a fair board director for many years, which definitely had some perks, such as the backstage photo ops with a lot of very cool rock bands and super-stars in the music biz. CJ plans to post her pics in a gallery page, eventually…as soon as she can figure out how to do it correctly. The first “page” that she attempted to make was a disastrous waste of three hours.

This pic was taken at our second “Meet and Greet” with him a few years ago.

(The first time was a hoot, and currently we are in search of that pic…which we liked better, actually. The whole backstage experience was pretty bizarr-o, that time.)





Weird CJ, Weird Al, CJ’s Weird BF





7 Responses to “Getting Our Weird On”

  1. Oh dear. I couldn’t listen to the whole of the first clip because he was just murdering the english language. However, I truly enjoyed the second clip very much. 🙂

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    • the first clip: that was the object. He was reading as if an auto-complete feature had been used in “guessing” at the proper word meant to be used in the sentence..which of course skewed the proofreading feature. I loved it! So, yes, He WAS indeed murdering the English language with the aiding and abetting of the auto-completer’s feature. I love Weird Al..the first time we met him, I suddenly felt as if I was restored to super-normal status again…


  2. Your funny bone must be tickled a lot C.J. you’re a Hoot. Now be a good girl and stop skiving, you’ve got a photo presentation page to get on with.
    xxx Mega Hugs xxx

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  3. Weird-ness can be a hoot — as you just proved!! Keep laughing, CJ.

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