“Look Ma, No Hands!”




For everyone out there who believes they cannot do something, be something, or lacks something, especially a certain physical attribute…this clip may inspire you to view your situation differently. 

Perhaps, like us, you will be able to see that nothing is truly hopeless. We all have magical power inside us to transcend limitations, rise above adversity, and see opportunity within challenges. Dare to tap into your magic. There is strength inside each of us that we have no idea we possess.

Each of us has become conditioned to set certain limits for our abilities. It is natural to set our personal bar a little lower for ourselves…this is the bar that represents our comfort zones. Dare to give yourself permission to break your limits — to go just beyond your personal belief that your nose is too big, that you aren’t physically able enough, or intelligent enough.

 *** WE ARE NOT SUGGESTING any attempt to defy gravity without a safety net, playing in expressway traffic, or bull-fighting.***

It is important to look inside the book, not just at the outer cover of the book.

Thanks for coming by to share in the enjoyment of this inspiration with us.

C J  and Morguie


5 Responses to ““Look Ma, No Hands!””

  1. This ties in with a book I read the other night that explained that no matter how hard we think we may have it, someone else is always doing it tougher.

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  2. I’m never complaining again!!
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    • I know, right? Meh! I will commence to go on complaining…tomorrow. But…for now, I rest with knowing that yes, sometimes it feels like the world has it in for me, but I see here, that it could always get a bit harder, more difficult, or be much worse than I seem to have it. As long as we keep things in perspective, I think we’ll find our gratitude and adjust our attitude as needed.
      Massive hugs and Mousie kisses, too…xxxXXX CJ and Morguie xxxXXX


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