Crackers and Bits: Cats!


English: A pile of Cheez-It crackers made by K...



Hey there Everybody! I’m baaaaacccckkkkk!!!   I missed all of you! CJ is letting me do ‘my thing’ today…just love that girl!


As a mouse, it is no mistake that I have my reasons to believe cats are E-V-I-L!   I am constantly terrorized by Chester, the mortuary cat, after all. You just don’t understand…


But, today I am going to show you some clips of the evil they perpetrate on each other and the messes they make while they’re at it!

Hah! You’ll never see us mice making messes and acting dumb like these creatures!  


So glad to see you all again, thanks for popping in! Hope you enjoy the show today!  I thought it was out of this world, heeheehee.   😛








Two Ritz Crackers

5 Responses to “Crackers and Bits: Cats!”

  1. summerflower211 Says:

    LOL … My biggest concern was for the fish and the mess at the end.


    • There was actually another clip related to the making and the strategies the directors used to keep the cat engaged and the filming effects to make the cat look like he was really acting on queue. Very interesting. I saw this clip after I watched your kittens. 🙂


  2. My cat wouldn’t wake up long enough to do anything like this Morguie so I guess you’re safe from her. lol


  3. I’m on your side Morguie, you know I like rodents- but only as long as cats don’t have the force ‘cos I’m not choking like that for anyone.
    Hugs to you and the Boss xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for getting my back, David. Lord knows the cat wants to bite my little head off, he’s just dying to have a taste of my deliciousness!
      Hugs xxxx mousie xxxx


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