Double Feature: Rolling Wake and A Unique Funeral Custom

Today the Mouse and I are going to show you two very unique types of funeral service features — ones you won’t see everyday — not generally speaking.


The first short clip is for a Compton, California funeral home…and we won’t lie, Compton is a rough little piece of South Los Angeles.  Some folks are afraid to go into that neighborhood, due to the drive-by shootings, criminal element, and the ghetto condition of down-town areas.

So, to make folks feel a little more secure in visiting the funeral home, a very unusual feature is provided.


The next clip here, is of a ‘home-going’ service. The African-American community has a distinctly unique flavor with funerals. This clip features the ‘steppin’ the pallbearers do as they sing a spiritual and carry the casket  out of the church.

In New Orleans, this practice is accompanied by a Jazz Band ( Second Line, it’s called) in parade-style procession, as they move the casket to the grave…We’ll let you peruse the clips of those on your own, if you like. Those clips should appear after this video piece.



We sure appreciate your stopping by to see us today. We hope you enjoyed our little slice of funeral culture and custom in these clips.


CJ and Morguie




11 Responses to “Double Feature: Rolling Wake and A Unique Funeral Custom”

  1. I have to keep reminding myself that someone says this is a cultural thing. To me an American is an American no matter what their colour Two or three generations down the line people remember where their family came from but don’t recreate it where they are.
    The second video shocked me. I’ve seen ceremonies done in New Orleans with the jazz band but this was like watching the Temptations or the Four Tops dancing with a coffin. I really hope that doesn’t catch on over here.
    I don’t want funerals to be miserable affairs but I think going all ‘Cocktail Soul’ is a step too far.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    • “Homegoing” is a celebration of a soul’s release from the earthly bonds. The stepping is a tradition which is an honor rumored to get it’s start around the Civil War. In fact, they also dance carrying the casket in the homeland Africa. A cultural rite of sorts, I guess.

      I wouldn’t mind “boogie-oogie-oogie’ing” my way out….why not? It would be perfect for the dancer-music lover I am. 😛
      Hugs to you, xxxx CJ and Morguie XXX


  2. Very unique ceremonies and send offs for the loved ones. I thank you for teaching us alternative rites, Cj & Morguie.

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    • I like the drive-by funeral viewing 😉 That’s a part of town where funeral cars are at risk of being stolen during a service…no lie. Best to keep on moving…don’t stop. 😛


  3. Interesting, really interesting.
    The people laughing on the second video was amazing.
    You know I’ve never been to a funeral, I’ll wait till mine to go to one.
    Have a nice week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow…never? You are leading a pretty charmed life to be so fortunate…eventually, tho…hate to say it, but…you will someday. I wish you continued luck in dodging the Reaper’s harvests of souls close to you. 😉


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