Mousie’s Call For Help In Understanding



We were driving through a local neighborhood Sunday….and Mousie freaked out when he spotted this foreign flag being flaunted out in front of this home. Mind you, I got pretty excited, too. This IS America, a sovereign nation, whose flag is NOT the Mexican flag.

You see, in front of OUR house, there is a huge flagpole which properly displays the American flag, as well as our state flag for California.



In Front of Our House

In Front of Our House


In case you missed our intro when we began our blog, Morguie was described as not always being ‘politically correct’ in his views. In fact, he was also alleged to be quite opinionated with his views. Up until now, Morguie has been pretty good…kept to himself about tender topics which might be seen as ‘offensive’ to some.


Anyone who is a proud citizen of their own country SHOULD be able to speak their piece about patriotism. Mousie posted his views on his FB page only to find disagreement and to be accused of ‘assuming’ too much by this disrespectful flaunting of a non-American flag on American soil.


Does this seem wrong to anybody, or is Mousie all wet? We aren’t looking to argue with anyone. We just hope to understand why someone would jump immediately to the defense of such a disrespectful display, instead of seeing this display as what it truly appears to be: un-American. We noted that in this neighborhood there was not one house sporting the American flag, just this one. It made us feel pretty bad, to be honest.


Would it be okay if we chose to hang our American flag like this if we were residing in England? In Spain? In Albania? In Canada? In Mexico?


We sure hope we can arouse some attention from our American military members, past or present .  If we are wrong to find offense in this act of disrespect, we need to hear it from those who have served in defense of their country, especially.

IF Morguie and CJ are wrong to find a problem with this situation, they will sit down and shut up.

We welcome all views and will not attack anyone if they have a different view. We are hoping to understand this pickle we find ourselves in.

Thanks for any light you can shed here. We hope to learn something out of this.


Regards, CJ and Morguie


©2014, C.S. Thompson.

26 Responses to “Mousie’s Call For Help In Understanding”

  1. Marty Meyers Says:

    If they think that country was so great as to display that flag here GO BACK!!!!!

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    • Thank you for weighing in.


    • Thank you. We couldn’t help but wonder that same thing. There is actually a set of proper conduct regarding our country’s flag and the display of foreign flags which says this is an unacceptable display. Thank you for your sentiment.


      • Additionally, from the U.S. Flag Code:The legislative history of this amendment clearly
        states that is purpose was to “make it an offense against the United States to display
        the flag of the United Nations or any other national or international flag equal to,
        above, or in a position of superior prominence or honor to, or in place of, the flag of
        the United States at any place within the United States or any possession or territory
        The only exception recognized is at the headquarters of the United


  2. Marty Meyers Says:

    If they think that country was so great as to display their flag here GO BACK!!!!

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  3. summerflower211 Says:

    We need to be respectful of every race … regardless of Patriotism.

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