Priceless Sacrifice

It is almost 2 years since this video was made and this soldier honored. It is never too late to quietly give up a thoughtful moment of gratitude, though.

For this fallen soldier and all of those before and to come yet ahead…we are grateful for that  sacrifice.  This ultimate gift of courage is honorable. It deserves solemn respect and dignity.

I can’t imagine the great loss and devastation his family must know. I hope there will be some comfort in the purpose of his duty, his willingness to risk everything, and courage to die for something he felt was worth fighting for.


If you don’t stand for something, you’re liable to fall for anything.


We salute you all…allied forces and our own men and women in uniform!










4 Responses to “Priceless Sacrifice”

  1. leeroyhalley Says:

    As a funeral director since the early sixties I have been honored to take care of our active duty deaths as well as veterans. A ceremony like this still evokes the same emotional response from me. I still have to wipe the tears away.


  2. Thank you for helping to keep their memories alive, CJ.


    • Thanks, Gp, for the encouragement. I, too, believe we must not take what we have here for granted. It is that which brings me strong feelings about our beautiful flag…as is witnessed in its red stripes…the red blood which was spilled to give us the freedom to be American, the security and safety, too.

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