80’s Ladies

Hazella  and Joan 2014 Verdigre, NE



Sorry to have been away for such a long time, my dear friends. I feel better now after a little break. In fact, I wanted to share with you a picture of my cousins from my Daddy’s family. I wish I could accurately say for sure whether they are 2nd or third cousins…all I know is that they are pretty much the last of the “Mohicans” on that side of the family…Hazella (left in pink) and Joan (right) are each in their mid-80s. They were born and have lived their entire lives near to where this picture taken. They both reside in the same senior home,  in Verdigre, Nebraska. Aren’t they sweet?

You see, my Dad’s side of the family are all 100% Bohemian Czechoslovakians…when the family came to America from the old country it was mid-1800’s…a great many of the Czech immigrants settled right in this very region of the American heartland. To this day, the area is still very ‘ ethnic Czech’ and the people come from the same families who first settled and farmed the land here.

My father was born in this little town of Verdigre.

When I came into this senior retirement manor I wasn’t sure how the cousins’ health might be, if they would be able to remember me from 40 years ago — except for Joan, I actually visited her 4 years ago, however I’d been told she was starting to have issues remembering things, ever since she fell and broke her hip …and has since not been able to walk, sadly.  So glad were they to see me I was speechless!  Even the nurse remarked, as I was about to leave later, that this was a real treat for them and that it more than made their day…it made my day, too.


Anyway…we got to spend a little over an hour visiting and catching up. I must say, if I must live to be over 80, I do hope I will be able to have as sharp a mind as these two sweet little ladies! They easily recalled 30+ years ago and the family reunion my dad organized down at the river in Niobrara State Park (before the Army Corps of Engineers re-routed the Missouri to form present-day “Lewis and Clark Rec Area”).  We chatted about my girls and grandbabies, my mom, and other stuff. Before long, it was time for them to be seated for their supper-time…my cue that I had to get back on the road…I still had a couple hundred miles to Omaha and it was late afternoon. Ahh, well.  Sure was nice to see a little piece of my past, my dad, my childhood. A beautiful day.

As I took my leave, I realized I’d likely never get to see them again…but…I could be wrong! There is another lady, my Aunt Evelyn..who is 99 and who I adore keeping in touch with…she is the cousin of these gals,as well.  Aunt Evelyn lives near Chicago in her own condo, though she is nearly completely blind and using a walker. Her children all predeceased her, but her grands and great- and great-great grands are by to see her daily. And get this…she uses the email to write to me!!! Pretty dog-gone amazing…99 years old, and using the computer like any of us regular ‘littler’  kids.

Thanks for sharing time to read about the trip ‘back home.’  I have a little more coming up in the next post about this quick trip, so come on back!

©2014, C.S. Thompson.


Lewis & Clark Rec Area on South Dakota side of the Missouri River...the trees are all turning reds and golds now in Autumn

Lewis & Clark Rec Area on South Dakota side of the Missouri River…the trees are all turning reds and golds now in Autumn 2014


Lewis and Clark Rec Area...on the Missouri River...it is the natural border between South Dakta and Nebraska

Lewis and Clark Rec Area…on the Missouri River…it is the natural border between South Dakta and Nebraska  When I was little we used to ride the ferry across to this place. All re-worked by Corps of Civil Eng, changing the river’s path and adding bridges to the new highway..no ferry needed now.

6 Responses to “80’s Ladies”

  1. So great to see you posting again dear. Love that you caught up with rellies. I think catching up is always awesome. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so glad it arrived and even more pleased that you like it. I hope you’ll find it suitable to send on to the little one. Any reviews are great but please don’t put yourself out my little kindred spirit.
    I send you Massive Hugs xxx


  3. D’you think Aunt Evelyn could just pop over an give me a few computer lessons. Isn’t it funny that I was granted a title in Bohemia ( unable to use) and that Prague is my favourite place outside Wales.
    Any news of the book turning up yet?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    • Really!? Wow…see we are kindred spirits…I just knew it. AND YES! I got the book and I absolutely LOVE IT! I shall be posting about it and I will rate you a super review on the Amazon, too. I love the cute little rhymes…I have a couple of faves— especially cannot believe I loved the Black Widow story…hate spiders but that was great…and the caterpillar..so many I love.The wet cat, lol, I loved it!
      You shall be hearing soon from me more on this. Thanks so much, such a sweet and wonderful friend you are! Massive hugs,
      xxxxCJ xxxx


    • Ahhh well no…she’s not up for traveling these days…but I can probably send Justin, my 6 yr old grandson…he’s already a wizard. LOL!
      XXX CJ XXX


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