Special Feature : Veteran’s Day 2014

Honoring the Fallen…here and in many, many other media, as well as most cemeteries, and military establishments, there will be honors, tributes, and ceremonies …we thought we would try to find something to present that most of us have never seen or been aware of, when it comes to ‘cultural’ differences in  various military funerary customs. The beauty and solemnity of the rituals in the clip below will surely leave an impression on you that won’t easily be forgotten.

God Bless All Who Serve In Defense of Their Country and to preserve Freedom, Liberty, and Human Rights which come at terrible expense through the bloodshed of war.


Please take a moment to see this clip of a U.S. Marine being honored by his Native American Lakota community in:

US Marines Lakota Indian Warrior Burial Ceremony


4 Responses to “Special Feature : Veteran’s Day 2014”

  1. What a fascinating insight into the customs of another culture. They showed so much respect for the young man, it was wonderful to see, but what a loss.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    • We are so glad you found the post fascinating and wonderful…our work here is done! Thank you with the hugest of massive hugs, and some whisker rubs, too xxxXXX Mousie and CJ xxxXXX


  2. leeroyhalley Says:

    My wish is that our own white culture showed the same respect as was given to this marine…..LeeRoy


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    • Yes. However, cultural customs being what they are, I believe each society’s traditional way to recognize the importance and significance of what today is about holds its own meaningful value. We should appreciate and laud those efforts to keep this day’s meaning one of great honor…if ever there were to come a time that it isn’t, then that will signify the death of such a society. I think those of us who haven’t been exposed to the rites of other cultures find them, at first glance, possibly more sacred or more revered than our own because they involve such ceremony with which we have no familiarity…in truth, I believe we DO honor our fallen warriors with the same respect, honoring them no less than any other does.


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