We’re Globetrotting, Sort Of

Hi there everyone…Mousie and CJ coming to you from Daytona Beach, Florida. Last week was a bit overwhelming and we weren’t able to post our upcoming plans to be away for this week. Now that we are 3000 miles from home, we find there are problems staying in touch. We are currently experiencing some technical issues with connectivity, so this may be the only chance to get thru.  bloodyheadbangWe are sending our love and a pic of tonight’s lovely sunset as it was seen from our 6th floor west-facing balcony…the east-facing view from our place is, well, boring…just an ocean full of waves coming in, going back out, repeat, repeat, repeat. Boring.

Later this week, Mousie gets his wish and will go to Uncle Mickey’s Disneyworld. CJ is just hoping Mousie doesn’t get lost in the baggage shuffle again like he did in Omaha last month.

Have a lovely week. We’ll be back soon with pics from the latest adventure.


10 Responses to “We’re Globetrotting, Sort Of”

  1. Have a great time CJ. Don’t let Mousie stay out in the sun too long.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. stellingsma2010 Says:

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  3. stellingsma2010 Says:

    love this GIF image its realy cool !!!

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