Rock This Way For An Unfunny Laugh

Schoolhouse Rock! Remember that?  ‘Conjunction junction, what’s your function?’  

And remember the one about how here in the U.S.A. a bill goes through the 2 Congressional houses to become a law, or get vetoed, once it is presented to the President ? That is the process by which things are supposed to be done…Seems things are not going according to the prescribed process, at the moment.

Here is a Saturday Night Live skit which parodies THAT one…


It would be funny if it were fiction…awwwwww…’s pretty funny anyway, er, the video clip, that is. And, we could pretty much use a bit of comic relief, right?

We are re-gearing for a new post, right after we get the chores done and the un-packing from the trip, and the other stuff that has to be caught up due to being away…

Bear with us…”PLEASE STAND BY” as they used to say…and thanks so much for coming by to see us, you all  R-O-C-K !!!!

Stay tuned..we’ll be back soon!









2 Responses to “Rock This Way For An Unfunny Laugh”

  1. Crackers for you Mousie. What have you been up to now C.J.? Parachuting?
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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