So Thankful and Incredibly Blessed

For All of these and so much more…


So many wonderful things to be thankful for, every  day!


My Heavenly Creator, from Whom all things come, including my free will;    035


My family;


my  Sweetheart, the life we’ve made together, the love we share, and the good times we’ve had;


my caring and supportive friends;


Wise mentors who lend perspective to widen my views;


Good Samaritans and unnamed others whose words and deeds came when hope was low;


my health, home, and sustenance of daily life;


blessings and extra comforts so many others deserve but do not have;


a life with a sense of purpose, using my writing talent here


and in a leading funeral trade journal;


the love and encouragement  I receive from so many people;


hope, forgiveness, compassion, and humility;




a little mouse to inspire me, lend a voice to my thoughts, and tell the world my story,

even if he isn’t exactly ‘real;’     🙂




the service men and women who bravely defend my country;


peace officers, medics, and fire dept. people keeping safety and order around me;


Sheldon, my tortoise;


Shadow, my loyal angel-dog;


self-control and patience for Hunter, the devil-pup 😛


and a life of special memories, experiences, and meaningful lessons;


that I was born in America, the Land of The Free,


where these things are mine to enjoy without fear, torture, or retribution


and most of all—


a heart to fully cherish, love, and feel SO MUCH for ALL of the above.




Happy Thanksgiving to All. We have certainly been blessed to call you friends.


CJ and Morguie

©C.S. Thompson, 2014.






18 Responses to “So Thankful and Incredibly Blessed”

  1. Beautiful photos, moments, people and so much to be thankful for. Happ Thanksgiving!

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    • Thank you so kindly for your wonderful friendship and support…YOU are but one of the many jewels in the crown of blessings we are so thankful for. We hope you are spending this day with those you enjoy and hold dear…Happy Thanksgiving, Dan!
      CJ and Morguie


      • Thanks CJ. Our daughter is here with us for the day. Her and her mom are cooking. Im grilling the turkey. Its all good here.

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        • I am recovering from a good ‘clocking’ I got from an open cabinet door that jumped out in front of me, lol, as I reply to my comments here…I am the Chef DuJour…just got the champagne soaked bird into the oven and finished the spare drops in the bottle to help me keep my sanity after that little collision.. 😛


  2. And a happy Thanksgiving to you M’am. Someday, you must tell me the story behind the photo with Skynyrd.

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    • Sure! Easy…my other (better?) half was a fair board director for 15 years…he was a v.i.p. (so was I as a matter of position) and we got to get special backstage access and photo opps with a great many of the biggest entertainers in music…I got lots of pics…even with “Destiny’s Child (BEYONCE)” just as their “Bootylicious” song hit #1…that pic is a collector’s item now…I imagine many of our pics might fetch some $$$…I believe the pic with them/her is on one of the early posts, the one for the only award I accepted….can’t look now to be certain, as I’m cooking a turkey…


  3. Wishing you a wonderfully Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving C.J.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    • Our dearest, most loyal follower, you are such a benevolent and kind-hearted friend…thank you so much for never missing our silly posts and for your attentive care and sincerity…words cannot convey what you have come to mean to us here…we are humbled by the time and heart you give to us…and we are ashamed that we are not as good to you as you are to us…your wonderful spirit and fantastic whiskered-ness has earned a special place in our world, in our hearts…have a most beautiful day with your lovely family, the cute baby, and your dear friends…Hugest hugs, filled with love and gratitude, and maybe gravy-tinged whisker rubs…XXXxxx CJ and Mousie xxx XXX

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      • Wow, that’s some reputation I have to live up to now. I’m even blushing. I can live up to the whiskered-ness without a problem though, that bit is rue. I get a lot from the attention you pay me on your blog which is always most kind and appreciated.
        You’re forgetting, we don’t celebrate getting rid of those pesky Yankees- naughty colonists all, and Thanksgiving day is just another day to us. Christmas is our next biggie and the time we borrowed the turkey from you for.

        Have a wonderful weekend.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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        • Everyday should be one of ‘thanksgiving’…regardless of the geographic nature of where a person originates. Given that our Thanksgiving has sadly come to mean the ‘opening day’ of the pre-Christmas shopping frenzy — followed by what is known as “Black Friday” —does your country or national region also have such a ‘Black Friday’ or Cyber Monday?
          Just curious…hugest hugs for the kind comments…and no you haven’t any need to worry about reputations or expectations to uphold here. Don’t be silly…we like you just the way you are…and we call ’em as we see ’em…
          xxxx cj and the stuffed-pouch cheeky whiskered rodent xxxx

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